BTFL wants to involve as many children as possible in tree planting around the city. Our aim is to encourage children to respect their environment and understand the importance and value of urban trees by involving them in tree planting projects in their local park.

Our Schools and Community Liaison Officer* works directly with teachers and the Birmingham Park Ranger Service to involve children in learning about trees, linking in with their studies of the natural environment, and actually helping to plant trees in their local park.


We welcome contact from schools - if you are a teacher who would like to learn more about how your school or class can get involved in tree planting, please contact our Schools and Community Liaison Officer, Jane Edwards, by completing the Schools Contact Form or alternatively email Jane directly at this address:



Our planting events also involve other local people wherever possible, such as Friends Groups, so they offer opportunities for all ages of the community to get together in support of their local environment. We work in partnership with Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF), and Friends and residents groups across the city.

* We are grateful to various organisations for funding this role over the years: npower funded it through their Community Sponsorship Programme from 2009-11;  from late 2011 to 2015, this role was funded through The Big Tree Plant grant.  It is now funded through a number of grants from local Charitable Trusts.