Tree Planting Projects

Our planting events take place during the winter, as this is the best time to plant trees, when they are dormant.  Our planting events run from mid November to late March each year.  

Since the winter of 2006/07, our first planting season, Birmingham Trees for Life has planted over 70,000 trees in parks and open spaces right across the city. Click here for a map of last winter's plantings .

You can read our most recent Annual Review here.

We welcome adult volunteers at our larger plantings - please contact us for more information if you would like to come along to an event next season.

Corporate Sponsors Planting Events

If your company would like to sponsor tree planting in the city, we would love to welcome your team on to one of our planting sites and get you in your wellies helping to plant trees.  You can find out more information and download a sponsorship form from the corporate sponsors' page.  We can arrange a suitable date and venue for your team to come along and help us plant trees!

For more information and for a copy of the sponsorship form, please click here.

Next 'Family and Friends' Sponsors' Planting Event

Our next planting event for individual and family sponsors will take place in March 2019.  If you would like to sponsor trees in commemoration of a special event, or to remember a loved one, just download and complete the sponsorship form and send it to us with your payment. We'd be delighted if you would like to join us this year!   

For more information and for a copy of the sponsorship form, please click here.

Planting projects winter 2017-18

Trees can be planted for all sorts of reasons - to replace those lost due to disease or old age, to create new natural habitats, create shade near seats or playgrounds, extend existing woodland, or line paths or cycleways - just some examples of how we can use trees in an urban setting.

We have now completed our 2017-18 planting season, but if you know of a park or public open space near you that needs trees, get in touch so that we can include your project in a future year.  Planning takes place in spring and summer so be sure to get in touch with us in good time as we are unable to meet last-minute requests!




We welcome additional volunteers at our larger events. 

We will also be holding a 'Friends and Family' planting, where members of the public have the opportunity to sponsor and plant trees with BTFL. The venue and date for next season's event will be decided over the summer.  Check out our sponsorship page for information on how to sponsor tree planting!

The 2017-18 planting season ran from mid November to April. Take a look at our Blog and Past Projects pages to see brief reports on, and photos from, the events across the city.