Your Local Park

There are many ways that you can support us or get involved in your local park:


Individuals, families and community groups can sponsor a tree, and come along to plant it yourself.

If you are a local business, you can sponsor a tree or a tree-related project.

Park Friends

Friends Groups are groups of local people who have an interest in their nearby open space or park and want to volunteer to help in promoting, maintaining and developing it.  Existing Friends Groups can apply to BTFL to have trees planted in their park. You will need to liaise with your local Park Ranger or Constituency Parks Manager.

You can help out at a tree planting event in your local park by joining your local Friends Group.

If your local park or open space doesn’t have an existing Friends Group, you could even think about starting one – you can get advice and help to do this from Birmingham Open Spaces Forum (BOSF), a network organisation that aims to bring together all the people in Birmingham with an interest in open spaces. BOSF offers opportunities for groups and individuals interested in open spaces to share knowledge and experience. 



Lots of people volunteer to help with practical projects in their local park. If you would like to volunteer, contact the Park Ranger service for more information - a list of Ranger 'hubs' can be found by clicking here.


If you are a school you can bring a group of children to help out at a local planting event.



Cannon Hill Park Tree Walk Guide

BTFL was proud to launch its first Tree Walk Guide in 2010, for Cannon Hill Park, the city's flagship park. The leaflet details over 20 trees in the park, and includes a map to take visitors on a tour around the magnificent trees in this beautiful park. One of BTFL's objectives is to increase awareness of the importance of trees, and it is hoped that the Tree Walk Guide will encourage people to take more interest in the trees in the park and to see them in a different way. BTFL is grateful to Calthorpe Estates for their support which has enabled this leaflet to be produced.

Visitors to Cannon Hill Park can pick up a leaflet from the park's cafe and ranger station. The leaflet is also available at the Midland Arts Centre (MAC) - if you can't see it on display, please ask at reception.  It is hoped that is just the first of several guides to be produced for the city's parks, to help people to appreciate the wonderful trees they may take for granted!

You can find a PDF copy of the leaflet here.



Ward End Park Tree Trail

In July 2014 the Friends of Ward End Park launched their new Tree and Sculpture Trail. Sue Griffith of BTFL wrote the accompanying leaflet on behalf of the Friends, which was funded through a grant from Community First, and the beautiful log sculptures were funded through a Big Lottery Fund grant. Trees planted by BTFL form part of the tree trail. This historic inner city park is a beautiful example of an urban park, and the very active Friends Group plays a huge role in keeping it looking good, as well as organising events and projects on behalf of, and with, the local community.

You can find a PDF copy of the leaflet here