More Redwoods for beautiful Kings Norton Park

BTFL were back again today for the third time with the Friends of Kings Norton Park to continue establishing an avenue of beautiful Redwoods. Our thanks to Luc Hubbard for his financial assistance but also for getting 'down and dirty' with everyone in the mud today !

As well as some members of the Friends we were also joined by 2 families with their children who really entered into the planting and moved a fair amount if Kings Norton clay in order to get 4 new Redwoods into the ground. You can see everyone caked in mud via this link !

  Luc may look like he is doing all this on his own.......but honest, we were all there !

Kings Norton Park is a beautiful open space and this avenue of Recwoods already enhances the area, but given time it will be magnificent!

HSBC woodland work party at Senneleys Park

Take 10 HSBC staff and release them into the outdoors at Senneleys Park......and despite the cold, mud and fog, this is the end result!

Today we really made use of our volunteers from HSBC Bank as there was some serious work to be done on an area of woodland we had planted previously, about 6 years ago. Unfortunately some of the Ash trees that we planted were sufferring from 'Ash die back' disease and needed to be pruned hard back or in some cases removed.

The plus side of todays repeat visit to Senneleys was that it gave the volunteers, and ourselves, the chance to see how well this 6 years old planting had developed. Needless to say, we were very pleased to see how our saplings had established themselves and were well on the way to creating a beautiful woodland area.

After their hard work removing trees they needed a break for a hot drink and cake! Yet again a member of their staff had baked beautiful 'tree' cup cakes. You can see how well they went down with everyone.......


As soon as everyone was refreshed it was time to put back some trees to replace those removed. Today we were planting about 100 Bird Cherry whips within the woodland and two larger standard trees adjacent to the car park.


Our thanks to the whole team from HSBC, many of whom had never really worked outdoors before, for their hard work and we hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed having them.


  If you follow this link you will be able to see them all at work , but not at their desks !!

Late planting activity

BTFL are back planting again (after Easter!!) - an unusual occurrence for us but I am afraid the snow earlier in the year meant we had to reschedule a few events! Tomorrow we are 'exercising' some Bankers from HSBC as they help with some clearance work and planting in Senneleys Park. There will be photos.............

Phase two of 'Ray's Memorial Wood'.

After all that snow we were blessed with glorious sunshine at Perry Hall Playing Fields today. This was our second visit to this site as in November 2017 friends and colleagues of the late Ray Hassall helped plant a number of large standard trees as phase one of creating 'Ray's Wood'. 

Friends and colleagues joined us again today to plant close to 500 smaller trees, surrounding the larger standards. When matured these trees will help create a multi layered extension to nearby woodland.

We were also joined today by pupils from Dorrington Academy, as they had helped plant the original standards. They all agreed that they had to work a lot harder today !

That didn't stop them all pitching in and managing to get lots and lots of whips safely in the ground. They were a little tired at the end, as our photo, below, shows!

Our thanks to all Ray's friends and colleagues who all worked hard to complete this amazing memorial, reflecting Ray's love of trees. Lots of action in todays album!


Luckily the above photo was staged......and they were all still full of energy at the end !


Our thanks to Helen and the Friends who provided hot drinks, fruit and cakes to all the pupils and helpers.

Amazing result of collections in memory of Leo McKevitt

We have today heard from Diane McKevitt that Birmingham Trees for Life will be fortunate to receive a donation of £1175.80 as a result of collections in Leo's memory.  We are sure that this sum will enable us to provide a lasting legacy for his contribution to the city and to our work.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed, and a huge thank you to 'Leo' and his family for thinking of us.


Family and Friends Sponsorship Event at Pype Hayes

The weather threw everything it could at families and their friends today when they joined us in Pype Hayes Park to plant over 300 saplings and continue the creation of a new woodland. Despite below freezing temperatures, high winds and snow showers most of the time, we did see the odd burst of sun, but the changable weather did not deter our planters as they managed to get all 300+ saplings in the ground in about 90 minutes! (The cold weather did increase the speed of planting !!)

You can see from the photograph above that they all looked pretty cold as they listened to instructions given by the Woodland Manager, but once they started to plant they soon warmed up and made excellent progress considering the conditions.

BTFL served hot drinks and plenty of biscuits and cakes from the Ranger Caravan to warm everyone up but it wasn't a day to hang around in the open for long!

Our thanks to everyone who sponsored trees today, whether it was in memory of a loved one, celebration of a birth or just because they love trees. Your support is vital to organisations like Birmingham Trees for Life, and we hope you will spread the message to family and friends to come along and do the same thing next year.......preferably in better weather! You can follow this link to all the photographs we took today.

Great work by HSBC staff at Ward End Park.

Birmingham Trees for Life have visited Ward End Park several times over the last 10 years and today we enlisted the help of staff from HSBC in Birmingham to ' lift the crowns' on a few of the established trees.(Trim off the lower branches)

HSBC volunteers were with us all morning and were also keen to help plant some more whips (small trees) to fill in any gaps where trees have been lost.








You can see that they entered into the spirit, as one of their staff had kindly baked some 'tree themed' cup cakes! They were yummy.....

Our thanks to everyone that turned out, as the work undertaken today will make a major difference to this burgeoning area of woodland. Ward End Park has a dedicated team of volunteers and they will really appreciate this extra effort in their beautiful park.

To see how their day went, you can follow this link.



BTFL working in partnership with Trees for Cities at Queens Park

Today’s visit to Queen's Park was a rescheduled planting that we had to call off previously due to heavy snowfall, but this time the weather was generally kind to us and we even saw the sun later in the day. The task we were tackling today was the planting of between 50 and 70 large standard trees but there was a challenge involved. Each team of volunteers had to identify a tree in the storage facility and then read a map to find out where its location would be, move it to the location (no mean feat!) and dig a deep meter diameter planting hole!  Their next task was to position the tree in the center of the hole, backfill with soil, stake the tree and finally place mulch (bark chippings) around the base….. then, select another tree and start again!

You can see that we had plenty of work to do and we are grateful to our partners in this project,  Trees for Cities, who mobilised 30+ volunteers from various companies to assist us.
First to start planting were a small group of pupils from the adjacent Baskerville School. They are always keen to help out whenever we are in Queens Park.


They were followed by members of staff from RSM UK, Eversheds, Clear Channel and finally members of the FCO Chevening Scholarship Programme.
We aroused a lot of interest with local residents who were keen to see more trees in Queens Park and promised to keep a watchful eye on them. Representatives of one of our funders came along as well, to experience one of our plantings.
It was a long day but by 3pm everyone had finished their allotted tasks. We make no excuses for the large number of photographs in our album today as you can see, via this link that there was a lot going on! Our thanks to the volunteers who all worked so hard today to achieve a great result.

At last, better weather at Glebe Farm Recreation Ground!

The sun shone for us today as close to 100 adults and children worked in partnership at Glebe Farm Recreation Ground to plant close to 2500 whips (small trees).

After last weeks appalling weather we were so pleased to see relatively blue skies and milder temperatures. 38 x Year 3 Pupils from the nearby St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary school arrived by minibus and soon began working alongside staff from Selfridges, The Big Lottery, Public Health England, Idverde and students from the University of Birmingham. (If I missed your staff out please let me know!) Also helping with the marshalling of planters on this vast site, as well as planting themselves, were our BTFL staff plus volunteers and two Woodland Trust representatives. We were also joined on site by the Woodland Manager of Birmingham, two local Councillors, the Parks Manager and one of our sponsors….so a full house! If you would like to spot yourself on site, you can follow this link.

Once underway planting progressed rapidly and friendships were formed between young and old who worked alongside each other, and by lunch time the job was complete.
Glebe Farm recreation Ground started the day as a large swathe of flat open parkland and finished the day with two large coppice areas of potential trees and understorey shrubs to join similar areas established by BTFL over previous years. Well done to all our planters and we hope to see you all again on site in the future.

If you can't see yourself in our photo album, please keep checking. We are waiting for other photographs taken by those on site to add to our album If your group would like to be notified when we have decided on our 2018/19 sites or if you have any photographs you took yourselves that you would like us to add to the album,  please e mail  us at  Thank you.

Sub zero temperatures affect plantings

I am afraid we have been defeated by the weather this week! BTFL have had to postpone their planting events this Wednesday and Thursday the 28th February and 1st March, as temperatures are expected to be well belowfreezing. Not only would that make digging pits for large trees difficult, it would also make the whole experience unpleasant for our volunteers.

Our apologies if you were coming along to help but as soon as new dates are set, we will post them on this site.

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday- sleet and snow, skies and sun !  Just as well as we welcomed the Lord Mayor of Birmingham to our planting at Harvest Fields as well as two of our sponsors.

School Council pupils from Little Sutton Primary School also joined us to make sure that the adults did their job correctly. Their school has an entrance facing this area of parkland, and in the centre of the park is The Harvest Fields Centre where we were treated to hot drinks and biscuits after all 15 trees were safely planted.

We were also joined on site by staff from Waitrose in Mere Green who came along to assist our younger planters. BTFL were lucky enough to be nominated to receive funding from their in house  Community 'disc' initiative.

Graduate Planet had also assisted in funding the tree planting at this site and we were pleased to meet Kate Evans who was representing them.







Pupils worked hard as there were 15 large trees scattered around the site. Lots of photographs today as the sun was shining! Follow this link to see them all.

The planting goes on........

3 years ago the Lord and Lady Mayoress helped us plant our 40,000th tree. Today, at a very cold Gilbertstone Recreation Ground, local schoolchildren, representatives of our major sponsors Deutchebank, volunteers from University of Birmingham, a local Councillor and other volunteers helped plant another 1000 tree woodland, bringing our total to well over 70,000 trees

We really hope BTFL are helping to make Birmingham a greener place.