Our Partners

Birmingham Trees for Life is a partnership organisation working with local businesses, community and volunteer groups, individuals and schools, to involve as many people as possible in tree planting across the city.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council looks after over a million trees in its streets, parks and open spaces. In early 2006, a report on the city's trees brought to the attention of the Council the importance of trees and suggested ways of raising the profile of trees in the City.  In 2006/07, the Council set aside money in its Parks, Leisure and Culture budget to set up Birmingham Trees for Life, and each year some money is allocated to assist BTFL's work. The Council also recognised the importance of involving local people and school children in looking after and improving the environment, so Birmingham Trees for Life was set up in partnership with local charity The Birmingham Civic Society, to enable BTFL to work independently with businesses and individuals to raise funds and encourage participation. 

Birmingham City Council website

Birmingham Civic Society

The Birmingham Civic Society is a long-established local organisation working to ensure that Birmingham is an attractive city.  The Society works in partnership with the City Council to run Birmingham Trees for Life, encouraging and facilitating the involvement and participation of the local business sector and local communities and schools.  As a Registered Charity, the Birmingham Civic Society can raise funds through sponsorship and charitable donations to increase the pot of money available for tree planting, and develop special projects to highlight the importance of trees in the city.   

The main objectives of the Birmingham Civic Society are to: 

  • stimulate interest and pride in the history and well being of the city,
  • ensure high standards in planning, building and preservation, including the provision and use of public spaces,
  • encourage developments designed to enhance the amenities of the city and its general prosperity.

The Birmingham Civic Society is responsible for managing Birmingham Trees for Life through a Trees Committee, subject to the overall authority of its Executive Council.

'Concerned with Birmingham's future. Mindful of its past.'

Birmingham Civic Society website

Birmingham City Council Parks Department and Woodland Management Team

Birmingham is fortunate in having a surprisingly rich variety of natural open spaces, a large proportion of which are held in trust by the City Council. The health of this natural environment and the wildlife it contains is important to everyone and needs to be cherished and enjoyed by all, both now and in the future. The responsibility for making this happen lies with Birmingham Parks Department.  The Council's Woodland Management Team is also crucial to BTFL's work in planting trees, helping with species selection, ordering and looking after trees, preparing ground and helping with plantings.

Nature Conservation is an important part of the Rangers' work and involves planning, practical management and advisory work. Rangers use a combination of skills and expertise including traditional countryside management techniques, and modern ecological techniques for surveying and monitoring habitats and wildlife. This expertise is also utilised in the events and activities which they organise to promote the benefits of Birmingham's natural heritage.  The Rangers are closely involved in helping to implement BTFL's planting events.

If you would like to know more about the Ranger Service, you can find their web page on the Birmingham City Council website by clicking on the heading below.

Birmingham City Council Parks Department and Woodland Management Team website

Birmingham Open Spaces Forum

Birmingham Open Spaces Forum is a network organisation that aims to bring together all the people in Birmingham with an interest in open spaces. BOSF offers opportunities for groups and individuals interested in open spaces to share knowledge and experience.

It works with Birmingham Trees for Life in promoting tree planting in Birmingham’s wide variety of open spaces and involving the local community in tree planting projects.

Birmingham Open Spaces Forum website

The Woodland Trust

We are pleased that, since 2016, BTFL has been working in collaboration with the Woodland Trust on woodland planting projects.  The Woodland Trust has agreed to provide BTFL with a supply of whips (sapling trees) each year for 5 years to increase its tree planting activities in urban areas. BTFL is looking forward to devloping our relationship with the Woodland Trust in the coming years - and to demonstrating the benefits of urban tree planting involving local communities in England's second city!

The Woodland Trust website

Birmingham Parks and Nurseries

Birmingham Parks and Nurseries (BPN) is one of the Parks Maintenance contractors, working in Northfield and Edgbaston Constituencies, Birmingham City Centre and all Golf Courses and Strategic Parks. BPN have planted trees and helped with BTFL events across the city since 2006.  BPN also grows all the seasonal bedding plants which help to enhance the city's streets and open spaces.

Birmingham Parks and Nurseries website

Quadron Services

Birmingham City Council’s parks and open spaces are looked after by three Grounds Maintenance Service Providers, each covering part of the city. Quadron is an award winning specialist horticultural and grounds maintenance service provider, and works in five constituencies: Hall Green, Selly Oak, Yardley, Ladywood and Hodge Hill.  They prepare the ground, and help us and the participating school children to plant the trees at the tree planting events organised by Birmingham Trees for Life.  

Quadron have appointed a Horticultural Development Manager to liaise with all the many stakeholder groups, in particular Birmingham Open Spaces Forum and other local community groups. This person ensures that the service delivered matches the specific needs of local users through regular meetings and consultation, and by developing the role of park keepers to provide safer and cleaner, more user-friendly parks.  BTFL is grateful for the support of Nicola Clarke and the Quadron team.


Quadron Services website

The Big Tree Plant

The Big Tree Plant was a national Government tree planting programme from 2011 to 2015.  The programme was designed to encourage community groups to plant trees, especially in urban areas, and BTFL was a recipient of a four year grant for tree planting in Birmingham.  The programme was launched in 2010, and Birmingham Trees for Life was one of the first organisations to be allocated a grant.  BTFL's funding for tree planting from the Big Tree Plant commenced in the Autumn of 2011, and ran until March 2015.  BTFL planted over 21,000 trees under the scheme, and nationally, the programme achieved its target of over 1 million new trees.  The final report on the Big Tree Plant is now available on the Forestry Commission's Big Tree Plant website below:

The Big Tree Plant website

Glendale Grounds Management

Glendale Grounds Management is the second of the City Council's grounds maintenance contractors and works in the Perry Barr, Sutton and Erdington constituencies.  Glendale Services, the largest operating division of Parkwood Holdings plc, is a leading provider of green services to the public and private sector.  Their staff work with Rangers and BTFL to help plant trees in parks in those areas  

Glendale Grounds Management website