Rescheduled planting at Stirchley

Despite our previous post about snow, I think you will agree that the amount of snow on the ground at the moment is exceptional SO....Due to adverse weather conditions, and after consultation ,we have decided to cancel this Thursdays Tree Planting event at Stirchley Park.

We have rescheduled it and it will now take place on Wednesday 17th January at 10.30am.

The school that planned to come along have also had to pull out as their school has already been closed for 2 days this week and  supporting an outside event in the same week was not considered viable.

Our apologies for the inconvenience but we need to consider what is best for the trees....and the planters.

Snow....and planting !

Many of you who plant trees with BTFL will be wondering what will happen if there is snow on the day you are due to plant?

Snow fall prior to planting does not necessarily mean we wont plant, as the snow actually insulates the ground and all is well just below the surface.

Snowfall on the day may not impact either, if it is light.

Both of the above are also dependent on whether we are planting large container grown trees or hundreds of smaller whips- (it's much harder to prepare the ground for them.)

HOWEVER- we do recommend that you check with whoever your contact is at BTFL before you make your way to the site. If you are a School- we will contact you the day before planting with clear instructions.

Finally, can we remind you that at this time of year you are advised to wear warm waterproof clothing and footwear.


Very uplifting article

Follow the link below to a very uplifting article about the effects on people of planting trees. I am sure we all knew this !!

Keep up the good work everyone !

Warm welcome at Holford Sports Hub

On arrival today we were a little concerned at the lack of people who knew who we were and what we were there for....but Dianne arrived, with the hot tea, and all was well!

Very soon we were 'refreshed' and planting spots on site agreed for the 10 apple and pear fruit trees. All that was left now was to dig the holes.

Holford Community Sports Hub is run entirely by volunteers and fulfills a major community involvement role locally.  Dianne's helper today, Zaina, had travelled across the city to give a hand.....although I don't think she had expected to be planting trees!

Luckily we were joined by Gavin Orton, the Chairman of Birmingham Civic Society, who pitched in to help get the 10 trees in the ground as soon as possible. You can see them all at work via this link.

Our thanks to Dianne , who seems to be the person that keeps all the balls in the air here, for making us so welcome, and to Gavin and Zaina who put their backs into planting these 10 lovely fruit trees.  Let's hope they grow well and produce lots of fruit in future years.

Coldest day so far at Aldridge Recreation Ground.

The weather man said '2 degrees but feeling like -4 degrees in the wind'....and there was wind at Aldridge Rec today, but also lots of sun. The Forest School pupils from Great Barr Primary didn't have far to go to plant 10 lovely Wild Cherry trees along pathways, as this site lies directly behind their school.

We were joined on site by a local Councillor and also a couple of 'Friends of Queslett Nature Reserve' but to be fair the pupils didn't need any help, as they soon got stuck in! Have a look at how hard they worked by accessing the photo album here.

Here are a few photos to be going on with.....








Smiles all round !

We all had to smile when we saw that the school had provided one extra special 'Hi Viz' today......not sure it was meant for one of the children!

Extra trees for Welsh House Farm Estate

Brrr.... Cold doesn't even describe the conditions at Welsh House Farm today but the gloriously blue skies made it pleasant for our tree planting event with Welsh House Farm Community School. Members of the school Gardening Club helped plant a variety of trees including Limes and Wild Cherry- 10 in all.

The planting area is flanked by tower blocks and we had received a special request to 'green up' this open area so Michael Tawe, the local Community Worker, had spread the word and several local residents also turned up to help.

If you look at all the lovely photographs we took today, you would get no sense of how cold it really was!


Our admiration goes to the school who have their own stock of spare hats and gloves for outdoor events, which meant that their pupils never once complained of the cold....unlike the adults!


Civic Society Announcement

Gavin Orton, the Chairman of Birmingham Civic Society, announced at our 'Ray's Wood ' planting that the Civic Society wished to award their Gold Medal to Ray for his work in Birmingham. All of his friends and colleagues will be pleased at this recognition of his work across the City.

Friends plant a special tree in memory of Ray

As part of our larger planting event today The Friends of Perry Hall Playing Fields planted a special tree near the entrance,  in memory of all the work Ray Hassall had done with them over the years.

Memorial Wood for Ray Hassall

Earlier this year we  heard of the unexpected death of Councillor Ray Hassall. Ray was a former Lord Mayor and  instrumental in the setting up of Birmingham Trees for Life. He also had a passion for trees, tree planting and especially the involvement of children.

In memory of all Ray's work it was agreed that BTFL would start the development of 'Ray's Wood' and where better to site it than at Perry Hall Playing Fields. This open space was close to his heart and he often worked with The Friends and local schools on projects around the site.

Today was a chance for many of his friends and colleagues to come along and help the pupils of Dorrington Academy make a start with the planting of 15 large trees. Because of the nature of this event we have created an extra large photo album, to try and capture the feel of todays planting and some of the people who took part. Follow this link to access all the images.


Many friends and colleagues came along to celebrate Ray's love of trees and at the end of the event everyone was treated to cake and hot drinks by The Friends of the park.

Calthorpe Park Planting kicks off our season.

Despite the grey weather the pupils of Percy Shurmer Academy were anything but 'grey' . Their enthusiasm was infectious and got every one of us into the mood for a great planting season.

This photograph shows them limbering up, ready to do some serious spade lifting. We were joined on site today by some lovely volunteers, including a member of the Birmingham Tree People, BHIOP and Councillor Kennedy. Volunteers and the Manager of Balsall Heath City Farm were also on hand to help and we enjoyed a brief visit from 10 St Paul's Nursery pupils all decked out in their high viz!

To see a lot more of what happened on site, follow this link.

Today we planted mostly flowering and fruiting trees - apple, plum and Mulberry fruit trees, plus mountain ash, Magnolia, witch hazel and willow.

The park now has 10 more trees to add to the colourful array already within its boundary, and the pupils returned to school with all the name labels to look them up on the internet!

Todays pupils ranged from year 2 to year 4,as they were the school representatives on the Junior Leadership Council.


Launch of 'Charter for trees'

On 6 November 2017, on the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest, the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People was launched at Lincoln Castle – home to one of the two remaining 1217 Charters of the Forest. It now rests in the Lincolnshire Archives.

Use this link to sign the Tee Charter, relaunched today 800 years on........

“Natural treasures, in roots, wood and leaves, for beauty, for use, the air that we breathe.
Imagine: a wood starts with one small seed. We’re stronger together – people and trees.”
Harriet Fraser, 2017